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    After a long struggle, I have now updated the forum software.

    If there are still errors somewhere or no longer work as usual, please contact me so that I can correct them :)

    Yes gladly.

    If you have any, you can make them available and I will test them and if the test is successful I will then include them in the downloads

    And Welcome to the new Sof2 Website made in Germany :)^^

    The website is now 95% translated into English, so visitors from other countries are welcome to take part.

    Unfortunately not all plugins are available in multiple languages yet.

    I hope that this will happen in the future, but if you have any questions, you can do so here in the forum.

    I have decided to make my SoF2 website accessible via the official new website

    The old domain will take over a new task at a later date.

    Therefore I think that the topic must also fit a domain.

    And until the new domain is listed on Google, you will automatically be directed to the new domain and its contents via the old links that you can find via Google.

    But this is an official German website. I also publish certain content in English ;)