How to install OSP on the server

To install OSP 1.1 on your game server, you must first download the OSP server page files from the download below and extract them to the root directory of Soldier of Fortune 2 on your servers, usually via FTP.

Installing OSP 1.1 on your game server is a simple process. In most cases, all you need to do is copy the server-side mods files to the root directory of your game server (which is where the SoF2 Linux binary or Windows exe is located).

Step 1 - Download and Extract OSP Server Side Files

Download the server-side version of OSP 1.1 and extract the files to your PC.

Step 2 - Upload the OSP directory via FTP

Upload the OSP directory to the Soldier of Fortune 2 home directory of your server.

We recommend FileZilla FTP Client to connect to your game server.

Step 3 - Set fs_game in the startup script

In most cases, Soldier of Fortune 2 game servers use a script to start and stop the server and define additional parameters for loading.

Below is an example Linux startup script for Soldier of Fortune 2 v1.03. To activate OSP you have to edit the parameter + set fs_game osp or add it to the start script of the game server.

./sof2ded + set dedicated 2 + set sv_pure 0 + set net_ip youripaddress + set net_port 20100 + set fs_game osp + exec yourserverconfig.cfg

Windows servers in most cases use a batch file (.bat) to start the server. If your game server is running on Windows, just edit the .bat file and the fs_game parameter as you would on Linux.

Step 4 - Restart your game server

Since you are changing the game version of your game server, you will need to restart the game server in order to load OSP.

Depending on where your game server is hosted, this is done either through the control panel of your host’s game server or through the SSH command line for those hosted on VPS or dedicated computers.

OSP 1.1. Admin commands

Admin is a powerful tool for running a server. You should only give administrator rights to people you trust.

OSP administrator commands must be entered into the console with / adm before each command.

To get a player ID, press the TAB key to view player stats and ID numbers or type (s) in the console.

/ adm kick id (kicks the selected player)

/ adm ban time id (bans the player, entering a time is optional)

/ adm timelimit # (# = number of minutes, defines the server time limit)

/ adm scorelimit # (# - number of points required to end the game)

/ adm forceteam id red / blue (forces a player to one of the two teams)

/ adm swapteams (usually only used during a game)

/ adm shuffleteams (shuffles players into different teams)

/ adm cancelvote (cancels all votes in progress)

/ adm lock (red / blue) (prevents people from joining the selected team)

/ adm speclock (locks the number of viewers)

/ adm strip id (removes all weapons from the player, leaves 1 knife)

/ adm strike id (kill a player instantly)

/ adm phone id (lets the player jerk the map quickly)

/ adm bbq id (sets the selected player on fire)