Using the SoF2 console

Soldier of Fortune 2 comes with a command console that allows you to enter text commands (cvars) to control how the game looks and plays.

Open the console

To open the console, all you have to do is press the tilde key on your keyboard. The console screen will open in-game. To close the console, just repeat the process.

See pictures for reference:

Enter commands

Entering commands into the Soldier of Fortune 2 console is as simple as entering the selected command, setting the parameters, and pressing Enter.

For example, if you want to see your FPS (frames per second) on the screen, type cg_drawFPS 1 and press Enter, where 1 is ON and 0 is OFF.

Navigate the console

Hundreds of commands (cvars) are available with which you can completely customize the SoF2 settings to suit your personal preferences. You can view a full list by typing / cvarlist and pressing Enter, then using the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys on your keyboard to navigate through the list.

If you know the command prefix, you can quickly get a list of commands that match that prefix by pressing the TAB key. The console will then only return the options that match your command prefix.

For example, if you type cg_ and then press the TAB key, a list of commands that begin with cg_ is displayed

Types of commands

The various command prefixes define which group of functions they control. The most common command prefixes include g_ (server) cg_ (clients) and r_ (graphical).

Client game settings (cg_)

Commands with the prefix cg_ control the gameplay and features of your game, such as: B. Crosshair size, maximum speed per second and field of view.

Graphic graphics settings (r_)

Commands with the prefix r_ control how your game graphics are rendered. You can adjust many graphics settings to change the appearance of your game graphics.

Additional client settings (cl_)

Commands with the prefix cl_ control additional client-side settings, e.g. B. enabling automatic downloads.

Client user interface settings (ui_)

Commands with the prefix ui_ control many aspects of the user interface, such as: B. the filters of the server browser.

Client sound settings (s_)

Commands with the prefix s_ control how the sound of your game is processed, e.g. B. s_volume to change the game volume.

Server settings (g_)

Commands with the prefix g_ apply only to server administrators.

Other prefixes

Other less common command prefixes are:

  • com_
  • fs_
  • sv_
  • vid_
  • _rw
  • im_
  • vm_

Type / cvarlist for a full list.

Save console

Sometimes it happens that you miss what someone in the game said or need to export the console's contents for some reason. You can save the contents of the SoF2 console to a text file by entering your filename / condump filename

The console text that is output generates a text file in your Soldier of Fortune 2 directory (or mods directory).